Craig Carroll

Lecturer in Management – Strategic Management

Craig E. Carroll (Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin) is Lecturer of Management in the Department of Strategy and Environment at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business.

Dr. Carroll is also the executive director of the Observatory on Corporate Reputation® (OCR). Predicated on the belief that organizations and their stakeholders accomplish more than what organizations can accomplish on their own, the OCR conducts peer-to-peer knowledge exchange forums for corporate affairs executives from the world’s leading companies who sit at this critical nexus. The OCR hosts the Senior Corporate Affairs Summit, a one-day, by-invitation-only, off-the-record gathering of senior leaders invited from the worlds’ leading companies to learn from each other on time-sensitive matters that inform their roles.

Dr. Carroll has published three research compendiums on corporate reputation: Corporate Reputation and the News Media (Routledge, 2010), the Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), and the SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation (Sage Publications, 2016). With Prof. Roderick Hart of the University of Texas at Austin, he is the co-author of DICTION 7.1, a computer-aided text analysis program that grades texts for rhetorical influence strategies. 

Dr. Carroll’s teaching, research, and public engagement focuses on the roles of communication and media for creating social change through organizations. He has received several research, teaching, and mentoring awards, including Educator of the Year by PR News, the Andrew W. Mellon Excellence in Mentoring Award from the University of Southern California, and the Pioneer in New Media from the Society for New Communications Research, now a part of the Conference Board.  Carroll is past-chair of the Public Relations division of the International Communication Association.

With Rowena Olegario of Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation, Dr. Carroll is the editor of an upcoming special-themed forum, ”Pathways to Corporate Accountability: Corporate Reputation and Its Alternatives” in press at Journal of Business Ethics. Dr Carroll serves on the Communications Strategy Council for the Conference Board, the Future Trends Forum with Fundacion de la Innovacion, Bankiter in Madrid, Spain. He serves on the editorial board of several leading scientific journals in corporate communication, corporate affairs, and corporate reputation.