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Family Friendly

“My choice to earn an MBA was very deliberate. I had to consider my family in the decision, and I needed a program that would complement my career. Reputation was important so I looked at a lot of programs. When I came to the Rice campus and met with admissions, I got the sense that this felt right. I wanted to have the full experience. I was sold.”

Nadia Bollinger Testimonial Article

An IT supervisor at ExxonMobil, Nadia Bollinger has worked for the energy company 12 years — since she graduated from Texas A&M. She is used to going to school while working, having earned an M.S. in IT Project Management from UH, but that was before she married and had her daughter. Since then everything has changed and her priorities have shifted. “I want the best life for my family. An MBA made sense.” The self- described Pakistani-Canadian- American wants to be involved beyond the classroom, too. She’s got her eye on the finance club, NAWMBA and the Wright Fund. No matter how she gets involved over the next two years, she says, “I feel like I’m at the right place at the right time.” 

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