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Rice Business Facilities McNair Hall

McNair Hall

McNair Hall

Built in 2002, McNair Hall was designed by Robert A. M. Stern, the award-winning architect and dean of the Yale School of Architecture.

Location Hours

Janice and Robert McNair Hall
Houston, TX 77005

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Recent Renovations

About McNair Hall

Since its beginnings, the focus and function of the school have expanded exponentially. Technology has advanced, interdisciplinary partnerships have increased, and the enrollment of strong students and the hiring of innovative, first-rate faculty strained the capacity of Herring Hall, the school’s home since 1984. To accommodate the significant transition and expansion that the Jones Graduate School of Business would take on in the new century, a new building became necessary.

But with the need for a new building was also the knowledge that not only must this building be beautiful and in keeping with Rice’s architecture, it also must be innovative, with an eye toward the  future, while reflecting the university’s and the business school’s past.

To this end, the award-winning architect and dean of the Yale School of Architecture, Robert A. M. Stern, was chosen to design the new building. Stern’s work is best known for its emphasis on continuity of tradition and for creating buildings that are appropriate to the project at hand, buildings that take into account the spirit of the places in which they are located.

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New Rice Public Art

Get an inside look as artist Kate Shepherd creates Rice Business’ stunning new wall painting in luminous shades of red and grey, a hypnotic visual connection to the architecture of McNair Hall’s octagonal atrium. The result, titled “Tricycle Red, Pelican Grey, etc., partial octagons,” is a work of art equal in boldness to the students of Rice Business.


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