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Rice Business Facilities Shell Auditorium

Shell Auditorium

Shell Auditorium

Home to lectures, conferences and special events.

Location Hours

Shell Auditorium
McNair Hall, Loop Road
Houston, TX 77005

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

McNair Hall is home to the Shell Auditorium, a state-of-the-art facility used to host special events and large capacity classes.

  • 60 lower bowl
  • 322 first floor w/lower bowl
  • 138 second floor balcony         


Tiered classroom, theater-style seating


Fluorescent and incandescent, adjustable levels; Blackout capability


  • Lighting control at wall panels & touch panel
  • Tabletop Touchpanel Controller
  • Theater style seating
  • VGA laptop connection
  • 2 Edge-blended Laser Projectors (Custom 3232 x 1200 resolution to fill screen)
  • Podium with Microphone
  • Dell PC available at lectern
  • 4 Wireless Handheld Mics / 4 Wireless Lavaliere Mics (8 simultaneous)
  • Confidence Monitor at floor level
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Internet
  • Document Camera with height-adjustable table available upon request
  • Blackboard and whiteboard (can be covered with curtains if desired)

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