Mike Bohac

Professionals - Evening

Professionals - Evening
Current Industry/Job: Oil & Gas / Commercial Manager
From: Dallas, Texas

Favorite quote and why:

“It is better to be vaguely right than exactly wrong.” - Carveth Read? 
Because life is too short to waste time being precise when being precise is not crucial.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?

Elon Musk. He seems to always be learning, has an insane work ethic, and continuously seems to keep the big picture in mind. Most companies run with the prime motive of being profitable. It is not too often that you come across a businessman who genuinely wants to change humanity.

Best memory from your first year in the MBA program:

The best memory was our very first class during Immersion – Strategy. Information flowed like a fire hose, yet it was so insightful and eye-opening that I wish I could go back and take better notes!

What story does your family always tell about you?

It was 2002. My mother, brother, grandmother, and cousin went on a trip to Africa. For nearly the three weeks we were there, all I could talk about was how cool it would be to bungee jump Victoria Falls, directly over the crocodile infested Zambezi River. My mother did everything in her power to refute my unsafe and outrageously annoying request throughout the trip. Yet, by the time we arrived at largest waterfall in the world, I bungee jumped that sucker! Not to mention my brother, cousin AND mother bungee jumped too! Ah, the power of coercion!

What advice would you like to provide incoming students?

Priorities! Priorities! Priorities! Set your priorities between family, work, life and school before you start.

Any additional unique facts you would like to share:

Former President George Bush was an adjunct professor at the Jones School in 1978, the year it opened.