Manuel Hurtado

Professionals - Weekend

Professionals - Weekend
Current Industry/Job: Oil & Gas/Technical Services Manager
From: Colombia

Favorite quote and why:

"We frequently tend to forget unknowns in the equation of life"

As we make plans for our personal and professional future we unfortunately forget that life is not a perfect system for which we have all the unknowns and just need to solve the equation through perseverance and dedication.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?

I have been fortunate that my parents have been and still are my mentors. If I had to pick somebody outside of them I would probably not pick somebody from the business world, there are multiple people I admire and eventually would like to have their jobs. I would pick somebody who has the qualities that I value the most: perseverance, family values, the best at what they do, hard earned achievements, drive, and the ability to block the outside world in order to achieve its goals: Tom Brady.

Best memory from your first year in the MBA program:

The Strategy and Industry Analysis course; immersion week is intense and the class is an excellent way to flip the business school switch in the brain. Going into business school there are a lot of expectations, it is an exciting time in our professional careers and having this course during immersion is a great way to shock the mind and reset. It also sets a solid foundation of analytical business thinking and sets the stage for the first semester.

What story does your family always tell about you?

My dad used to tell me to check the water level in the radiator on one of my first cars, I never did until one time I was going on a one-day trip. I checked it but forgot to put the lid back on and after 50-60 miles smoke started to come out of hood.. I blew up the engine.

What advice would you like to provide incoming students?

First and foremost balance; to maximize the experience in the professional program maintaining a healthy balance between school, work, personal time and exercise is crucial for long-term sustainability. Plan ahead as far as possible so that work commitments and travel are well mixed in with time for school work, and so that you still have time to exercise, spend quality time with your family and time to have fun!

Any additional unique facts you would like to share:

Give a 100% to the program. Two years go by very quickly and the sacrifice is well worth it.