Jared Morgan

Professionals - Weekend

Professionals - Weekend
Current Industry/Job: Petrochemicals/Projects Business Analyst
From: La Place, Louisiana

Favorite quote and why:

"Not all those who wander are lost." - Tolkien. This is one of my favorite quotes because it describes me in two ways - in how I enjoy to travel and how I enjoy learning new things. I may not have a plan when I go somewhere or find something new that interests me, but I do try to make the most of the experience while it lasts.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?

There are a number of people I could choose here, but towards the top is Dwight Eisenhower. An army general and the President, he had some great accomplishments. He was tactical and pragmatic in his approach to leadership. I believe I could have learned a great deal from him.

Best memory from your first year in the MBA program:

Towards the end of our first semester one of our morning sessions got out early so some of us went out to brunch at Benjy's. That was a pretty good morning ... but it was pretty hard to go back for the afternoon session.

What story does your family always tell about you?

My parents will tell you about the time I ruined our fourth of July BBQ when I was four because I accidently tackled the BBQ pit while playing tag with my cousins; ruined the food and burned my face. Or the time I grabbed the hot end of a metal sparkler on New Year's Eve. If I learned anything in my early days it is that fire = hot.

What advice would you like to provide incoming students?

Talk to everyone. The people in your class are so interesting, so don't miss out by only getting to know a select group. Set aside time every day for school and take it in manageable bites. If you try to do it all at once you will burn out and not get everything done.

Any additional unique facts you would like to share:

I once went skydiving, white water rafting, and bungee jumping all in one day.