Greg Kusinski

DeepStar Director, Chevron
(Rice MBA '14)

Dr. Greg Kusinski serves as Director of DeepStar¬ģ and is Chevron Senior Advisor to that organization.¬† In his current role as a Director of a major Technology Development Consortium within Chevron, he has leadership, financial, legal, business capture and technology development responsibilities.¬† DeepStar is the Global Deep Water Technology Development Consortium, with over 25 years of collaborative excellence between 12 O&G companies and over 60 manufacturing and service companies.¬† DeepStar focuses on Technology Acceleration and Commercialization in the areas of Geosciences, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Completion and Intervention, SubSea Systems, Flow Assurance, Floating Systems, Met-Ocean and Systems Engineering.¬† In addition, Greg is a member of Chevron Deepwater Technology Management Team and Chevron Civil, Structure and Marine Engineering Unit Leadership Team.¬† Since 1998 he has worked in various corporate capacities focusing on technology development, acceleration, commercialization and implementation.

Dr. Kusinski received a degree in engineering from AGH University, Krakow, Poland and went on to earn B.S. (High Honors), M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Mineral Engineering from University of California at Berkeley where he also completed the Management of Technology program.  He also earned an Executive MBA from Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business with focus on Corporate Strategy and Finance.

Dr. Kusinski currently serves on several University advisory boards and is a chair of the OTC-TMS Program Committee.  He also serves on a Program Advisory Committee of Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America - a public-private partnership organization.

Dr. Kusinski had numerous speaking engages with over 50 technical and business journal publications.  He delivered a number of invited an keynote talks on a broad range of topics from Leadership, Corporate Alliances and Industry Collaboration, Strategy, Risk Management, Technology Commercialization, Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property, Technology Development and Innovation, Deep Water Technology, Continued Service and Facilities Life Extension, Reliability, Advanced Materials and Characterization Techniques through High Strength Alloys and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.