Time Warp

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Virtual CommunitiesPeer-Reviewed Research

Birds Of A Feather

How to help online communities love your company.

Big Spender

Pricing alters customers perceptions
When high prices attract consumers and low prices repel them.
InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

Pay Day

Why Companies Are Actually Doing Investors A Favor By Not Paying Dividends
Why companies are actually doing investors a favor by not paying dividends.
Organizational BehaviorPeer-Reviewed Research

Mood Swing

Emotions impact decision making
Our emotions affect our decision making more than we know, sometimes dramatically.
Oil And GasNews Feed

Energy Boost

Future of US energy industry
What's the forecast for the U.S. energy industry and its effect on our global competitiveness? Looks sunny, reports Rice Business Professor Bill Arnold.
CareersPeer-Reviewed Research

Lonely At The Top

High performers sabotaged by coworkers
Performing well at work? You may not last long.
TechnologyExpert Opinion

Short Circuit

Research explores adverse technology consumer interactions.
Businesses like technology as a way to reach audiences quickly and nimbly. What could go wrong?
Business And Political InfluencePeer-Reviewed Research

Royal Favor

Signals of government confidence
In China, information about a company’s health can be scarce, a visit from a high official is a coveted signal of government confidence.
Workplace CulturePeer-Reviewed Research

Team Players

Why fighting workplace discrimination of gay, lesbian and bisexual employees boosts business.
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

As You Like It

Marketing model groups consumers
Marketing methodology helps marketers group customers by geography, psychological profile‚ÄĒand desire.
StartupsNews Feed

Movable Feast

Mobile farmer's market
Eating healthy can be difficult: A Rice Business alum may have a solution.
From The DeanCommentary

Found In Translation

Presenting scientific research in an accessible way
Rice Business' Dean Peter Rodriguez on the power of presenting scientific research in plain language so important ideas are accessible to all.