AcquisitionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Sore Losers

Mergers less successful if after CEO loses award
Failing to win awards can drive CEOs to make risky decisions.
PresentationsExpert Opinion

Say It Loud

A child screaming into a microphone
Make your presentation shine by knowing your objectives and weaving a story.
Emerging MarketsPeer-Reviewed Research

Road Warriors

Leather suitcases stacked
In emerging markets, locals with experiences abroad can bring distinct advantages to business at home.
Bank RegulationsPeer-Reviewed Research

You’re Not The Boss Of Me

Strong External Governance Can Lead To Cheating
Strong external governance makes top managers more prone to cheat.
ElectionsPeer-Reviewed Research

Welcome To The Party

Picking the right political candidate in the selection and election process
Researchers designed a theoretical model that mimicked the candidate selection and election process.
Reputation ManagementPeer-Reviewed Research

Great Expectations

Man with wings stands looking towards the sky
When a school’s reputation gets tarnished, alumni stay loyal.
Business Partnerships Peer-Reviewed Research

Love At First Sight Isn't Enough

Two birds next to each other on a beach at dusk
In business partnerships as in marriage: Get acquainted, be nice and build trust.
Leadership SuccessionPeer-Reviewed Research

Sea Change

Female Leadership transitions can impact business performance
Company performance and a female CEO's job survival can suffer if her predecessor was male.