Corporate ResponsibilityFeatures

Do The Right Thing

A child's hand passing a cookie to an adult's hand
Why some companies rally to help in a disaster.
Public RelationsCommentary

Talking Back

Rice Business professor offers PR communications guidance
Guidance for public relations professionals navigating the Q and A minefield.
Product RecallPeer-Reviewed Research

Splash Guard

How can a firm fix its reputation and restore the publics trust after a product recall?
InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

No News Is Bad News

The only thing the market likes less than a late report? Silence.
Corporate ReputationPeer-Reviewed Research

A Star Is Born

Poor corporate reputation can be hard to forget
Consumers often react to corporations based on whether they reflect their personal values.
Cultural LiteracyFeatures

Life Of The Party

Quinceanera video goes viral in US
What Rubi's Quinceañera can teach the U.S. about Latinos.
Advertising Peer-Reviewed Research

Follow The Money

Local media impacts firms business and consumer perception
Local advertisers affect local reporting, and in turn, investments.