Super BowlPeer-Reviewed Research

Home Field Advantage

Advertising influences investors
Advertising reaches potential investors, who tend to invest in what they know.
Corporate ReputationPeer-Reviewed Research

A Star Is Born

Poor corporate reputation can be hard to forget
Consumers often react to corporations based on whether they reflect their personal values.

Making Converts Of Consumers

Religious recruitment tactics can apply to marketing
Religion has been marketing itself for millennia; now businesses are borrowing its techniques.
Personal FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Wheel of Fortune

Personal Finance: Seeing Life As A Cycle Makes Savings Rise In A Line
Seeing life as a cycle makes savings rise in a line.
Online Communities Peer-Reviewed Research

Risky Business

Participating in an online community can foster risky financial behavior.
Firms that sponsor online communities should develop strategies to safeguard vulnerable consumers.
Inventory ManagementPeer-Reviewed Research

Express Lane

Turn and earn rule based on sales may not be the best choice
When product demand Is fickle but manufacturer-retailer relationships are critical.

Not Just Digits

For marketers, depending on algorithm-based marketing does not add up
For marketers, depending just on algorithms doesn’t add up.
Personal SavingsPeer-Reviewed Research

A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Conditioning certain behaviors is the best way to save money
Build up those personal saving muscles. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
Virtual CommunitiesPeer-Reviewed Research

Word Of Mouth

Group of goldfish
Both firm-sponsored and consumer-driven online communities offer value to businesses.
Mergers And Acquisitions Peer-Reviewed Research

Ahead Of The Curve

Best strategy to guarantee a successful mergers
Mergers can be disruptive, but a dual-goal strategy pays off in the long run.
Nonprofit RecognitionPeer-Reviewed Research

Participation Trophy

Two hands lifting up a trophy
Recognizing donors does not always lead to increased giving.
Market Game TheoryPeer-Reviewed Research

Thick And Thin

United states with a tape measure squeezing the middle.
The profit potential of shrinking markets is rooted in how firms respond to competitor actions in the marketplace.