Workplace Psychology Peer-Reviewed Research

Clean Living

Two halves of oranges being held
Disgust can be a powerful self-protective force—but can lead to unethical behavior.
InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

Happy Campers

To build long-term value, keep customers – and employees – satisfied.
Brand LoyaltyPeer-Reviewed Research

The Commitments

Emotions? Quality? Habit? Or simply no choice? Why we buy the brands we do.
Consumer BehaviorPeer-Reviewed Research

Between the Lines

What do our online product reviews say about us?
Customer-Based StrategyPeer-Reviewed Research

Making Beautiful Music

There’s more to customer loyalty than meets the ear.
Voter Behavior Peer-Reviewed Research

In Advertising We Trust

Elected officials make policy. What gets them elected?
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

No Place Like Home

A consumer's sense of local identity will drive them to pay more for products that reinforce that identity.
Customer ServicePeer-Reviewed Research

Can You Hear Me Now?

Customer narratives boost service, prompt innovation and feed a healthy corporate culture.
MarketingExpert Opinion

‘Buy American’: A Branding Toolkit

Buy American branding
Buying American is not just a matter of price and quality.
Peer-to-Peer LendingPeer-Reviewed Research

Tell Me A Story

Crafting a trustworthy persona online makes a difference in landing a loan—and paying it back.
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

The Customer Is Always Right

Learning from customers is as important as stocking the shelves.
Book ExcerptWord Watch


Great brands are built on something more than the bottom line. Read an excerpt from two Rice Business alumni.