Energy PolicyCommentary

Fuel Spill

Oily hands in darkness
Will oil prices divert outrage over a political murder?
Oil & GasCommentary

Let It Go

Bubbles floating in the sky at dusk
Anger over oil prices won’t change OPEC’s resolve.
Energy EconomicsCommentary

Long Season

Pile of baseballs
The shale industry is in the 3rd inning, but many factors will determine how the game plays out.
Oil And GasCommentary

Energy Boost

Woman holding several cups of coffee
What's the forecast for the U.S. energy industry and its effect on our global competitiveness? Looks sunny, reports Rice Business Professor Bill Arnold.
Supply And DemandCommentary

Perfect Harmony

What's the meaning of oil prices near $60 a barrel?
Oil supply and demand are hitting the same note.

Running Game

Why big oil Doesn't throw Hail Mary passes anymore.
RegulationPeer-Reviewed Research

Sun Struck

How governments shape the solar energy industry.

Keep On Trucking

Fuel efficiency of pickup trucks
Want to drive freen(er)? Upgrade your truck.
Energy PolicyCommentary

Shining a Light

Energy policy in Trump administration
A new perspective on energy and politics.

Best Of Intentions

Dodd-Frank rule repeal
Repealed rule would do nothing to end energy industry corruption.