Data ManagementPeer-Reviewed Research

Picture This

Hand holding up a camera lens in front of a lake.
What does our growing ability to document personal life mean for business?
EthicsPeer-Reviewed Research

Hand In Glove

Man putting leather, work gloves on.
What values should businesses observe besides profits?
TechnologyExpert Opinion

Short Circuit

Group of circuit breaker boxes
Businesses like technology as a way to reach audiences quickly and nimbly. What could go wrong?
Business And Political InfluencePeer-Reviewed Research

Royal Favor

Closeup of a golden cardboard crown
In China, information about a company’s health can be scarce, a visit from a high official is a coveted signal of government confidence.
Customer ServicePeer-Reviewed Research

Can You Hear Me Now?

Customer narratives boost service, prompt innovation and feed a healthy corporate culture.
Nonprofit ManagementFeatures

Artistic License

Moody Center for the Arts
Not everyone with an MBA follows a corporate career path.
Book ExcerptWord Watch


Scott Sonenshein teaches us we all have more to work with than we can imagine.
Resource ManagementPeer-Reviewed Research

Is Necessity Truly The Mother Of Invention?

Top down view of a workbench
Through their actions, leaders can foster creativity within their companies.
Family-Owned BusinessPeer-Reviewed Research

All In The Family

Group of people reaching into a plate of food with chopsticks
In a family firm, some things are worth more than money.
Small BusinessFeatures

When Love Is Not Enough

Selling a small business can be tough
An adored small business goes on the block, and no buyers care.