Shooting Star

Photo of someone far away holding a light at night.
Space architect Constance Adams left the earth too early. She left us with instructions.
Public RelationsFeatures

Sorry Not Sorry

Raw cinnamon rolls packed tightly together
What does it take to make a decent apology?
Professional SportsFeatures

Hoop Dreams

What the Houston Rockets sale means to fans
Why selling a team can break hearts across a whole city.
Mergers And Acquisitions Features

Culture Clash

Whole Foods and Amazon: Can their corporate cultures coexist?

The Unfriendly Skies

United Airlines needs a PR overhaul
How United got in a PR mess. And how it could get out.
ConversationsNews Feed

The Intersection of Art and Ideas

Moody Center Rice University
A conversation with Alison Weaver, Executive Director of the new Moody Center for The Arts.
Nonprofit ManagementNews Feed

Artistic License

Moody Center for the Arts
Not everyone with an MBA follows a corporate career path.
Business School RankingsNews Feed

A Seat At The Table

Rice Business top MBA ranking
Rankings, though illusory in many ways, can make a difference for business schools.