Customer-Based StrategyPeer-Reviewed Research

Making Beautiful Music

There’s more to customer loyalty than meets the ear.
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

No Place Like Home

A consumer's sense of local identity will drive them to pay more for products that reinforce that identity.
ReputationExpert Opinion

Flight School

United Airlines reputation
How United Airlines can change course.
MarketingExpert Opinion

‘Buy American’: A Branding Toolkit

Buy American branding
Buying American is not just a matter of price and quality.
Mergers And Acquisitions Peer-Reviewed Research

Ahead Of The Curve

Best strategy to guarantee a successful mergers
Mergers can be disruptive, but a dual-goal strategy pays off in the long run.
Nonprofit RecognitionPeer-Reviewed Research

Participation Trophy

Two hands lifting up a trophy
Recognizing donors does not always lead to increased giving.