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Back To Basics

Homemade bread and butter
As the list of customer metrics grow, which ones indicates financial growth, and which are just a fad?
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School Spirit

Children looking out of the windows of a school bus
What for-profit businesses can teach nonprofits about customer satisfaction.
Customer SatisfactionNews Feed

Cutting Corners

Scissors cutting the corner of a sheet of paper
Don't get distracted by the gleam of customer loyalty and forget the real goal: customer satisfaction.
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Cause And Effect

Newton's cradle
Three different ways market research can help drive revenue.
PricingNews Feed

Careful Ascent

Group of people climbing an icy mountain
How to raise prices without driving away customers.
Donation BehaviorNews Feed

Like Minded

Like Minded
Like customers, donors can be segmented by a variety of drivers.
Customer SatisfactionNews Feed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Companies can earn more by deriving insights and informing strategies with customer feedback.
Marketing StrategyFeatures

Big Picture

Big Picture
Dashboards alone do not provide value; it's up to marketers to distill insights.
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Safety Zone

Saftey Zone
Public school parents are consumers — and they demand safety.
MarketingPeer-Reviewed Research

As You Like It

Marketing model groups consumers
Marketing methodology helps marketers group customers by geography, psychological profile—and desire.
GivingPeer-Reviewed Research

Coin Toss

What does gender have to do with generosity?
Workplace Psychology Peer-Reviewed Research

Clean Living

Two halves of oranges being held
Disgust can be a powerful self-protective force—but can lead to unethical behavior.