InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

Pay Day

Coin being held between index finger and thumb
Why companies are actually doing investors a favor by not paying dividends.
Mergers and AcquisitionsPeer-Reviewed Research

When Giants Walk The Earth

What happens to individual consumers when corporations boom?
FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Quantity, Quantity, Quantity

Net Financing, Not The Mix Of Funding Sources, Is What Determines Growth
Net financing, not the mix of funding sources, is what determines growth.
Super BowlPeer-Reviewed Research

Home Field Advantage

Advertising influences investors
Advertising reaches potential investors, who tend to invest in what they know.
Tech StocksPeer-Reviewed Research

Wild Ride

Stock price fluctuate dramatically
Why did stock prices fluctuate so dramatically during the internet boom?
Rethinking Sec RulesPeer-Reviewed Research

Experiments In Short Selling

The effects of short selling rule changes alters stock prices
Changing short-selling rules alters stock prices and company choices.
Investment BankingPeer-Reviewed Research

Long-Term Partners

The impact on relationships institutional investors
Long-term relationships between investors and underwriters influence pricing and trading.