InvestingPeer-Reviewed Research

Rising Tide

Many sailboats on water
How does an IPO affect your community?
FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Cash Crop

Midwestern cornfields explain the effect of finance on economic growth.
Financial MarketsPeer-Reviewed Research

Alumni Club

School ties are good for connected investors and even better for CEO salaries.
StartupsPeer-Reviewed Research

Getting To Know You

Startups can profit from partnering with newer venture capital firms.
FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Quantity, Quantity, Quantity

Net Financing, Not The Mix Of Funding Sources, Is What Determines Growth
Net financing, not the mix of funding sources, is what determines growth.
Advertising Peer-Reviewed Research

Follow The Money

Local media impacts firms business and consumer perception
Local advertisers affect local reporting, and in turn, investments.
Municipal BondsPeer-Reviewed Research

Greasing Palms

Two people in suits shaking hands while one is handing money to the other.
America's most corrupt states have to pay more to lure bond buyers.