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Mad About You

Mad About You
How a dignified display of ire can add a positive glow to negotiations.
FinancePeer-Reviewed Research

Up, Up And Away

Up Up Up Away
How living abroad can clarify your sense of self.
CreativityPeer-Reviewed Research

Roman Holiday

Why living in a foreign country is like a spa for the mind.
NegotiationsPeer-Reviewed Research

Waving A Red Flag

Matador waving a red flag at a bull
Depending on your background, it can help to get angry during negotiations
NegotiationsPeer-Reviewed Research

Crazy Like A Fox

Negotiation tactics using unpredictable emotions can lead to concessions
Unpredictable negotiating behavior predictably leads to more concessions.
Workplace PsychologyPeer-Reviewed Research

Know Thyself

Woman looking at her reflection in a window
Where people locate their sense of self influences their decision making.