Adrian Trömel

MBA '18

Adrian Tromel

“One thing I’ve learned here that I didn’t expect was the importance of soft skills, like team dynamics and communication. It’s not just what you work on, but with whom you work and how you work together.”

The McNair Scholar at Rice Business, Adrian Trömel wants to help bring new medical technologies to market. His master’s thesis at EPFL in Switzerland — where he earned an MS in materials science — involved building bioabsorbable heartvalve scaffolds. Rice Business was a logical next step. “Rice was already on my radar for its renown in the field of materials science, as was the Texas Medical Center. And it made sense to go somewhere with a reputation for outstanding entrepreneurship,” he says. The fact that his father had earned an MBA at Rice was only one factor in his choice.

Klaus Trömel, MBA '85

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Klaus Trömel, Adrian’s father, reminisced about some of his Rice Business classes — especially accounting with Stephen Zeff’s and entrepreneurship with Ed Williams. His advice to Adrian was: “Have fun. You will never again be in an environment in which so many will dedicate themselves to helping you develop, or challenge you to bring out the best in you.”