The REEP MBA for School Leaders program is a rigorous two-year Master of Business Administration program, from a top-25 nationally ranked business school, combined with a certificate in Education Entrepreneurship. At the completion of the MBA program, REEP graduates should be prepared to lead K-12 schools in the Houston area as effective CEOs. 


“I think that what was particularly insightful about REEP classes was all the talk around tensions that exist in the school systems and how to navigate that. It really set us up for continued learning and reflection as we move forward.”
 - Sarah Stafford, REEP Cohort 3/Class of 2012  

What is unique about REEP is that it provides a dynamic space for cross pollination to occur between educators and individuals in other industries. The MBA coursework coupled with the REEP experience gave me a fresh perspective on what is possible in education.”
 - Barb Campbell, REEP Cohort 2/Class of 2011  

“After three years of administrative experience, I had reached a point where I was looking for more of an academic challenge that would stretch my leadership capacity. I think REEP was an amazing opportunity to stretch my thinking and gain a different approach to education.” 
 - Michael Harrison, REEP Cohort 1/Class of 2010