Chin Yeo

Professional MBA - Weekend, Class of 2021

Home Country: Singapore
Previous Institution & Degree: Texas A&M University, Civil Engineering

Pre-MBA Industry: Construction
Pre-MBA Company: ALE Heavy lift
Pre-MBA Title: Project Engineer
Desired Post-MBA Industry: Technology
Desired Post-MBA Function: Product Engineer

What about the Rice MBA program has surprised you the most?
There are so many programs and institutes to help develop you as a professional or as a student.
 Rice MBA is very well connected in terms of networking.

What has been your favorite moment of your Rice MBA experience so far?
My favorite moment of my Rice MBA is being able to socialize with my classmates during our free time. (In between class and out of class activities)

What is your favorite thing about and/or favorite spot in Houston?
I enjoy trying all kinds of new food.
 Houston is quickly becoming a city where there's a new restaurant popping up every week.

In a sentence, what is the one piece of advice you have for prospective students?
Going through the MBA program, you take away what you put into it.