Binata Mukherjee

Director, Health Care Initiative

Binata has been working at Rice University since 2012, initially in Rice 360: Institute for Global Health Technologies managing scale-up and commercialization initiatives of technologies appropriate for low-resource countries, and subsequently in translation of early stage inventions at the Houston Area Translational Research Consortium. She started at the Jones School in June 2014.

Dr Mukherjee teaches US Health Care Management to MBA students at Rice Business. She has developed an online module, Primer on Health Care Industry, an introductory course for anyone interested in learning about the complex US health care system.

Prior to joining Rice University, Binata gained extensive experience spanning over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry most notably working for Sanofi. She worked in various functions that include Business Development, International Marketing, Medical and Regulatory Affairs, and Training. During her tenure in Sanofi, she managed blockbusters like Plavix, Clexane, Aprovel across different countries.

She worked as an in internist in Mumbai, India before foraying into the business world.

Her areas of interest are medical education, care delivery that is safe and physician reimbursement.

Binata earned her M.D. from the University of Calcutta, India. She received her MBA and Certificate in Health Policy & Administration from the University of Chicago.