Currently, more than half of incoming students receive some type of merit or need based support. The number of students offered full packages is considerably lower, however. As part of our mission to attract the strongest and most diverse students, the Jones Graduate School of Business is focused on increasing the amount of support available. Each funding opportunity is a priority and supports the continued growth and strengthening of our success in educating the next generation of global business leaders.

An example of the types of scholarships availble for funding is the Military Scholars Program, which provides scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and expected living expenses for selected applicants who wish to pursue their educational dream. This program is the result of a group of generous community members who want to acknowledge, honor, and support those who proudly serve our country. Learn more about how the Military Scholars Program helps our servicemen and women succeed. 

Contact Kathleen Harrison in External Relations for more information for more information about scholarship opportunities.