Admissions Information

Requirement: Transcripts translated to English and grade point average (GPA) converted to a 4.0 scale

To be eligible to apply to the Rice MBA program, we require applicants to hold a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree, or its international equivalent. This does include undergraduate, bachelor-level degrees that were earned in three years of study.

When you Apply:

  • Before submitting your application, you will be required to upload an unofficial (scanned) copy of your transcripts or mark sheets.
  • If your transcripts are not written in English, you must also upload an additional copy that has been translated into English by a certified translator. Please note that these translations must bear an original ink signature and seal, and that the unofficial, untranslated copy must accompany the translated copy.
  • If we notice issues with legibility or translation accuracy, the Admissions Committee may ask you to send us a full transcript/credential evaluation.
  • You will also need to manually enter your GPA into the "Education" section of your application. If your GPA is not already on a 4.0 scale, please manually convert your grades to a 4.0 scale using a tool such as the WES iGPA Calculator.
  • If you are unable to convert your grades to a 4.0 scale, we may require that you have a full transcript/credential evaluation sent to us.

When you Enroll:

  • If you are admitted and choose to enroll with us, you may be asked to have your transcript evaluated by a third-party evaluation company to verify grades, curriculum and that your undergraduate degree is indeed the equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree. Please note that a student may be asked for this, but it is not required of all enrolled international students.

Requirement: TOEFL/IELTS/PTE unofficial score report if most recent degree was not taught in English

International applicants whose most recent degree was not taught primarily in English must submit an unofficial copy of an English proficiency test score. We accept the following tests:

All English proficiency test scores are valid for 2 years, and we will consider your highest score. To begin reviewing your application, we only require you to submit your unofficial score report. If you are admitted to the Rice MBA and decide to enroll with us, we will require you to have your official scores sent to us using the codes below:

  • TOEFL Code: 7320
  • IELTS & PTE: Scores are mailed directly to our office by the testing service

Financing Your Degree

As an International Student, you are required to demonstrate sufficient funding to cover the cost of attendance in order to obtain your student visa. We encourage you to review the information on the Office of International Students and Scholars site and reference the International Financial Declaration Form for MBA Students.

The primary sources of funding for International Students are

  • Personal resources
  • Lending institutions in the home country
  • International Grant & Loan Organizations
  • Private Student Loans through a US lending institution (requires a US Citizen or Permanent Resident co-signer).
  • Semester Payment Plan

In the interest of assisting our students with the funding process, our office has compiled a list of educational and funding-related websites for your convenience. Please note that you are not limited to the lending institutions or organizations listed here and you must research, apply individually, and work directly with the funding resource.

International Payments

For those planning to wire funding from abroad, Rice University has partnered with flywire to facilitate this process at as low a cost to you as possible. Please reference the University Cashier's Office for additional information.

International Grant & Loan Organizations

The following loan opportunities may not require a US citizen or permanent resident co-signer.

Banco de México-FIDERH is a federal trust managed by the Central Banco de México that offers affordable low-interest loans to Mexican students for graduate studies either in Mexico or abroad. The Jones Graduate School of Business (JGSB) participates in a collaboration agreement with FIDERH. If (1) a Full Time MBA applicant is awarded an admissions scholarship and (2) is approved for funding by FIDERH, the JGSB guarantees that the total admissions scholarship award will be a minimum of 25% of tuition.

CONACYT is a member of Mexico’s department of education and offers scholarship and stipend opportunities to Mexican nationals seeking to study abroad.

FUNED is a non-profit private organization which offers Mexican nationals low-interest loan funding. The Jones Graduate School of Business (JGSB) participates in a collaboration agreement with FUNED. If (1) a Full Time MBA applicant is awarded an admissions scholarship and (2) is approved for funding by FUNED, the JGSB guarantees that the total admissions scholarship award will be a minimum of 25% of tuition.

Global Student Loan Corporation is a third-party loan facilitator that assists in providing educational loans to citizens of India.

The Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund grants interest-free educational loans to students, from Latin American and Caribbean OAS member countries, to help them finance their higher education studies in the United States.

Prodigy Finance offers loans without a co-signer to students studying at a select number of US MBA programs. Rice University's MBA is an approved program.

US Loan Organizations
US banks require international students to have a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (green card holder) co-signer when applying. The Office of Financial Aid Private Loans page contains an historical lender list that may assist your search. If interested, please navigate to that page and select the ELMSelect link at the bottom. Please note that you are not limited to this list and may apply with any lending institution of your choice. Due to the loan processing timeline, we recommend you begin the application process no earlier than May 15 for the coming academic year. Processing begins around June 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rice University participate in a Private Student Loan option for International Students that does not require a co-signer?
Yes. Prodigy Finance offers a no co-signer loan for international students. Please visit their website to apply.

Will Rice University act as a co-signer on a student loan?
No. The institution does not act as a co-signer or guarantor of student loans.

When do I start applying for Private Student Loans?
The loan application process begins after (a) you are admitted to the program and (b) you submit your enrollment deposit. (c) Our system begins processing Private Student Loan applications around June 1 for the coming academic year. We recommend you begin applying with the lender of your choice no earlier than May 15.

How much should I borrow?
We always encourage you to borrow conservatively. In deciding how much to borrow, a basic principle is to borrow sufficient funding to cover the costs for the academic year (Fall + Spring).

Disclaimer: The above list of funding organizations is provided as a courtesy to assist you in your funding research and we do not promote the use of any particular entity. Neither the JGSB nor Rice University receive any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, from the organizations listed and the University does not assume any liability. You must research, contact the organization directly, and confirm your eligibility to apply for funding through these organizations and institutions.