Leveraging its relationship and close proximity to the largest medical center in the world, the Texas Medical Center, the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business delivers leading-edge health care management programs and events. With a focus on developing leaders across all segments of the health care field, the school combines its strong foundation in business with expertise in the hospital, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and managed care industries.

There are many health care education opportunities for students at Rice University, including Rice MBA, Rice MBA for Professionals and Rice MBA for Executives, each with a concentration/ courses in health care. Rice also offers a coordinated-degree MD/MBA program through a partnership with the Baylor College of Medicine. In addition, Rice Executive Education courses and programs such as the Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management.

A Welcome from Director of Health Care Initiatives

Over the course of ten decades, Rice University has created and given the world many visionary leaders in society.

In keeping with the tradition of creating world-class leaders and recognizing the needs of today’s growing health care industry, the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice provides the tools necessary to succeed in the competitive and constantly changing world of health care management through a variety of educational opportunities.

The MBA programs at Rice specifically prepare students by offering courses, projects and internships in the health care sector. Through the interactive classroom model, students learn not only from highly experienced and renowned faculty and leaders, but also from one another.

A Rice education opens many platforms for future health care leaders as they create a network of relationships and gain experiences that will prepare them for today’s changing health care.

Director of Health Care Initiatives
Dr. Binata Mukherjee

TMC Health Policy Institute has been working with all the TMC institutions to build a course on health policy. The course started on Jan 9th and classes are held every Tuesday 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm for 13 weeks. Binata Mukherjee’s session on Financing, Payment and Cost was last Tuesday Feb 13th. View the archived video below.

Binata Mukherjee’s session on Financing, Payment and Cost

Here is the link to the full course site in case anyone wants to listen to all the archived sessions or attend future sessions.

Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer

Lecturer in Management – Healthcare
Ken Janda

Ken Janda

Adjunct Professor in Management - Healthcare
Dennis Laraway

Dennis Laraway

Adjunct Professor in Management - Healthcare Management
Ellerie Weber

Ellerie Weber

Lecturer in Management - Healthcare