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Message from Dean Peter Rodriguez for Students, Staff and Faculty:

Colleagues and students,
It’s a new week, but in some ways feels like a new season. The crescendo of preparation has grown and added a sense of quiet urgency throughout our university and across the nation. These changes have created a sense of unease for many, but, importantly, it is precisely these efforts that will help us minimize the costs and challenges of dealing with COVID-19. Take comfort that some of this chaos is safety in disguise.
We’ve quickly taken steps to keep the campus, our students and all of us safer. And, we’re doing more. Thank you for your cooperation and for the caring, can-do attitudes you’ve displayed as we go forward and continue with our mission to educate.
We’ve been busy on campus producing and delivering online classes and meeting the challenges in front of us. Online classes begin today for our full-time students, and we’re working diligently to keep the momentum going. Ours is the first school at Rice University to make this change. What our faculty and staff have accomplished in the last 96+ hours is incredible and inspiring. Many have scarcely left the building or slept since the middle of last week.
President Leebron continues to update the university community. His latest message that ‘these are unprecedented times, and they require unprecedented actions’ means more change will be ahead of us over the next days and weeks. We will always keep you updated on specific changes at the Jones School and will continue our commitments to be attentive, responsive and kind to everyone in our community.
We will work to ensure that all parts of the school further reduce in-person work at McNair Hall while continuing to serve our students and each other. We will also continue to reduce in-person meetings.
Our school is full of talented people who care deeply about our mission and everyone we serve. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call or email questions to:
Adam Herman, students
Barb Ostdiek, faculty
Fabiola Currarino, staff
I am so grateful for your dedication to the school and each other. Remember, you’re not alone. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through it together.

Be safe and take care,

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