Rice Business Facilities McNair Hall

Message from Dean Peter Rodriguez for Students:

Dear Rice Business Student Community,

I’m writing to outline the new expectations as we return to classes on Monday, March 16th.

  • All courses will meet remotely. Attendance in on-campus classrooms will not be permitted.
  • Details on the remote access option for each course will be found via that course’s Canvas site.
  • Real-time attendance at the scheduled class time is required.
  • For urgent or time-sensitive questions about class delivery (not class content), please contact the appropriate program leader:
  • McNair Hall will remain open for students, faculty and staff. To support the goal of social distancing, we are not requiring any student presence in McNair Hall.

We will provide further information about Zoom in a following email.
Thank you again for your continued flexibility and patience as we work to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.

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