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Message from Dean Peter Rodriguez:

Dear Members of the Rice Business Community, 

I write to follow up on the latest message from Rice regarding the decision to encourage remote delivery options for all courses where possible. We intend to have remote delivery capability for all courses and class sessions this semester. As of today, however, we will resume all classes on Monday, March 16th and continue our work to ensure all students can participate remotely wherever possible.  

By Friday, March 13, we will update you on the remote delivery options that will be available for each course. Some courses may employ a streaming option, whereby students can opt to attend classes on campus as usual or via a live video feed (e.g. Zoom). Other courses may move fully online and only use video conferencing for everyone in the course. Professors may also establish substitutes for in-person meetings, lectures or group activities by adapting course assignments to include more outside reading, writing or asynchronous classwork. No changes in course delivery will be made for the MBA@Rice program, apart from the April residential courses, which will either be rescheduled or adapted to online or hybrid delivery. 

Students: you will receive additional information regarding specific courses through the course Canvas site and general program information from the Student Program Office. 

Staff should direct work-related issues to Fabiola Currarino at Fabiola.Currarino@rice.edu.

In providing these options, we are doing all that we can to adopt responsible strategies consistent with public health recommendations to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Please note that we will still have some meetings and events on campus, provided that they adhere to Rice’s decision to limit large gatherings in confined spaces. Individual meetings and small group gatherings are allowed and will continue in many cases. 

We will continue to follow Rice’s policy regarding foreign travel: Anyone arriving from countries on the CDC’s level 2 and 3 warning lists must self-isolate and stay away from campus and student housing and have no physical contact with the Rice community for two weeks after returning to the U.S. This includes any students, faculty or staff traveling for personal reasons; all visitors; arriving new students; and arriving new employees.

These measures meet the CDC’s recommendations for higher education institutions and are meant to ensure the safety of all members of the Rice Business community — students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests — and their families. 

Be patient, be nice and wash your hands, 

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