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Message from Dean Peter Rodriguez:

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

I’m truly encouraged by the creativity and resiliency I see amidst the pandemic. Across our community I see people appreciating the small things, celebrating holidays in new ways, planning the first-ever virtual Investiture (just announced!) and working productively from home. Thank you for keeping positive attitudes and living the commitments and values that make us proud to be a part of Rice Business. 

Progress continues at Rice University despite our physical absence from campus. For-credit undergrad summer session classes will be offered at a 50% discount from last year’s tuition, not only to registered undergraduate students but also to the general public. These include our popular undergrad business minor classes and a few other undergraduate elective courses. (It doesn’t include graduate courses.) For those interested, or who know a high school or college student who might be interested, find more details on application and admission here. 

The university has also been hard at work planning the next steps for our community. The president has decided to extend the campus closure for events to May 31 to keep everyone safe. It remains unclear when and under what guidelines we will return to working from campus but, at this point, we know that we will not have any events on campus before June. 

A few additional things I’m proud of this week:

  • Zoom sessions are through the roof! From March 16-31, we held 616 Zooms, 231 of which were classes. For the first 11 days of April, we’ve held 343 Zooms, 201 of which were classes. We’ve also used it to stay connected with a Staff Town Hall, staff coffee chats and International Partio. Check out how we managed partio in this video. 

  • On April 6, Rice Business was highlighted in Poets & Quants ranking of minorities at the top 25 U.S. MBA programs. Rice Business topped the list at 35%. Only four schools have 30% or more. This is impressive but not surprising to me. We’ve been intentional in creating a diverse community. Now everyone else knows it too. 
  • Our Career Development Office has been hard at work responding to the news that companies are forced to make difficult decisions around staffing and the future of their talent acquisition strategy, including lay-offs and furloughs. Their new initiative, called REV (recruit, explore, volunteer), helps with challenges our alumni and students face with job search and talent acquisition. 

Keep doing your best to stay home, stay healthy and stay positive. Remember that we have much to be grateful for, that we have a strong community to support us and that we’re all in this together.


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