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Message from Dean Peter Rodriguez:

Dear Rice Business Community, 

Yesterday, the "Stay At Home" order was extended until April 30. For our community at Rice Business, these orders mean we’ll be extending our current work-from-home procedures until then as well. Though social isolation takes a toll on everyone, the leadership that our Rice Business family shows at this time makes a life-or-death difference for our loved ones and our neighbors. Thank you for your meticulous honoring of these measures.

Because of the extension of the "Stay at Home" order and the likely need to continue substantial social distancing measures well after this date, Rice announced postponement of in-person graduation for the class of 2020. We are adopting the same for Investiture. Second year students, I know how deeply disappointing this is for you and your families. You have earned the celebration of a master’s hood after two years dedicated to business school. We are determining next steps, and we will inform you about the new schedule and other details about Investiture as soon as we have a plan to announce.

In the coming weeks, our communication plan is to update all our audiences (staff, faculty, students, alumni and other business community leaders) on a weekly basis unless there is a major change in the crisis that includes new direction for the community. 

These uncertain times may obscure the positive and inspiring actions all around us and within our community, but I've seen many of them recently. Speaking with dozens of newly admitted students this week assures me that our future is bright and that the ways we demonstrate our community's care, compassion and resiliency are noticed by everyone we touch. And, this unprecedented event is already producing innovations and improvements in all we do. Despite its challenges, this is also an exciting time to work in academia. 

Thank you for your fortitude, and for defending the health of the community far beyond Rice's beautiful campus. We'll get through this together and be the stronger for it. 


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