Class Ambassadors support the four pillars of alumni engagement, as defined by the alumni association:  volunteering; community; life-long learning and philanthropy.

Contact Ashley Hartgrove, Alumni Relations Specialist for more information.

We would like to thank this outstanding group of alumni who have committed their time and energy to help their classes engage with the Jones School and their fellow classmates. We are looking forward to continuing the great work they started in 2016, and we hope each of you will send any feedback to your new class ambassadors regarding what you would like to see planned for your class.

1994: Robert McDonald

1997: Mark Williamson

1998: Pierce Owens, Colleen Mukavitz

2000: Jaime Gualy, Kyler Fields

2001: Allison Brooks, Steve Saboe

2002: Lisa Kudchadker DeViney

2003: David Romero, Robert Iverson, Tracie Hall

2004: Chris Idol, David Martin

2005: Carole Riekert

2006: Arpita Ekbote

2007: Payal Chana, Panos Sotirados

2008: Kevin Cumming, Aaron Knape, Tejal Shah, Kaarle Rautio

2009: Kian Granmeyeh, Diego Molina, Alex Donn

2010: Taneshia Barton, Miguel de La Torre, Roy Johnston

2011: Rachael Holland, Stanley Kazibwe, Bonnie Houston, Ivan Pineda

2012: Charlie Roseland, Kelsey Adams Knox, Jennifer Neelet Ortegon, Jay Vinekar

2013: Sandra Bollich, Mindy Smith, Elizabeth Perez, Vilas Bhuchar, Kurt Schoeffler, Bryan Zeigler

2014: Stephen Van Pelt, Laurel McConn, Nathan Pope, Thad McLemore

2015: Pradnya Bhawalkar, Bahareh Jalalabadi, Ross Stevenson, Grant Jungeblut, James Zhao, Cyrus Aghili, Karan Sihota

2016: Byron Cooper, Michelle Kobelan, Jordan Nelson, David Suszko

2017: Caitlin Crotty, Samantha Lewis, Ed Milde, Abdul Choudhary, Andrew DiBello, Meghan Fisher, Alan Henson, Lisa Costello, Nick Elder, Daniel McNamara



  • Serve as a goodwill ambassador for the business school and a central point of communication to your class.
  • Act as an extension of the alumni board under the direction of the Alumni-Alumni Committee.
  • Attend an annual Class Ambassador meeting scheduled by the Office of External Relations (OER).
  • Communicate with classmates to:
    • Ensure contact information in the school’s alumni database remains current.
    • Collect notable news from classmates on behalf of the OER.
    • Endorse email communications to your class about key school programs, initiatives and information related to the Jones Fund philanthropic efforts for your class.
  • Serve as a recurring member of the Reunion Committee
    • Actively raise awareness/excitement about reunion and invite your classmates to participate.
    • Attend reunion committee planning meetings as scheduled by the OER. Meetings will typically be held in late October, January and March.
    • Endorse email and social media communication to your class about reunion (messaging provided by the OER).
    • Encourage your classmates to make a gift to the business school in honor of reunion and/or your class.
    • Provide input and feedback on programming.
  • Donate to the Rice Business Fund, and rally your classmates to do the same.

How do I become a Class Ambassador and what are the terms of service?

  • Class Ambassadors, one from each program in a graduating class, will be selected by their classmates in April/May.
  • Class Ambassadors serve a three-year term, which commences on July 1 (in alignment with the alumni association board’s operating year).
  • Class Ambassadors may, upon completing their third year, renew for an additional three-year term if so desired, and if such re-appointment is approved by the alumni association board.
  • In the case of vacancies due to expiration of term or resignation, the committee will issue a request for self-nominations from the class year and program for which the vacancy exists. The committee will review the nominations and select the Class Ambassador.


If your class is missing an ambassador and you would like to serve in the position, please reach out to Ashley Hartgrove, Alumni Relations Specialist.