Here's a sneak peek of the results from the Alumni Attitude Study Project.

This study is the first of its kind for Rice Business and has been completed by over 800,000 alumni at 300 educational institutions over the last 18 years, including some of our peer schools. Study findings help us identify areas of focus for the future. You’re talking. We’re listening.

How would you rate your decision to attend Rice Business?
85% "great decision"

Which of the following best describes your experience as a Rice Business student?
73% “excellent”

Which of the following describes your overall current opinion of Rice Business?
79% "excellent"

Please pick the three words that you feel best describe the qualities of Rice Business alumni.
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Hardworking
  • Smart
If a prospective student asked you, “Why a Rice MBA,” what would you say?
  • Life changing
  • Networking
  • Great program
  • Reputation
  • Great value
  • Great School
  • Excellent faculty
  • Small Class Size
  • Class Size
  • Close knit
  • Culture

Look out for full survey results in the July Alumni Newsletter.
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