Company Time and Resource Commitments

  • Appointment of a primary liaison for the project. This crucial role will interact with students on a regular basis (sometimes daily) and facilitate access to the company’s resources and information. Your liaison will also need to communicate frequently with the project faculty advisor to discuss project status and technical details. An alternate liaison is also recommended to be identified in the event that the primary liaison becomes unavailable.
  • Access to relevant, and sometimes sensitive, information and personnel to complete the project. For instance, they may analyze financial information, interview employees and customers, attend internal meetings, and observe business processes. Maintaining confidentiality of your proprietary business information is an important aspect of our work with your company. Non-disclosure agreements are available for student teams to sign.
  • Appropriate on-site workspace, computers, telephones, copying, and other needed equipment for the student teams.
  • Reimbursement of all reasonable student expenses associated with the project. These could include airfares and/or vehicle mileage, out-of-town accommodations and meals, telephone and fax charges, printing of documents and final reports, and other project-related expenses. Because students typically work with tight personal budgets, the company should discuss and negotiate any specific expense reimbursement policies and procedures with them and the project’s faculty advisor at the beginning of the project.

Previous Host Companies

2014 ALP Projects

    GE Power and Water
    Houston Clean City Commission
    Legacy Trust
    Main Street Theater
    MD Anderson
    One Subsea
    Onsite Dental Solutions
    Saracen Capital
    Sterling Group
    Waste Management

2013 ALP Projects

    Brand Extract
    Cameron (3 Projects)
    City of Houston
    Express Energy Services (2 Projects)
    GE Oil & Gas
    GE Power and Water
    Legacy Trust
    The Menil Collection
    Nanospectra Biosciences
    Phillips 66 - Pricing
    SFC Partners Surge Accelerator
    Suzanne Bruce and Associates
    The Sterling Group
    The Women’s Home
    Waste Management - Privatization

2012 ALP Projects

    Cameron (2 Projects)
    Dinerstein Company
    FMC Technologies
    GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbines Division
    GE Energy – Power & Water - Aero
    GE Oil & Gas
    Goldman Sachs HCC Initiative Part 1
    Gulf States Toyota
    Halliburton/Landmark Software & Services
    Holland Lodge No. 1
    Mancuso PowerSports
    Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)
    PLX Pharma
    Rice Office of Technology Transfer
    Rig Net
    Siver Eagle
    Small Ventures
    Sysco Business Services
    Waste Management