Networking and Leadership Opportunities Before Enrolling in the Full-Time Program

Before joining the Full-Time MBA students, as an admitted Rice MBA Early Admit Program students, you will be invited to key events such as our Women in Leadership Conference or Rice Energy Finance Summit to start building your network and gain insights before you even enroll.

In addition, you will get a jump start with career planning.  Our career development office will meet with you one-on-one to help you develop and implement a career strategy before you even start your Full-Time MBA program.   We will also provide you access to leadership coaching through the Doerr Institute for New Leaders.   

Networking and Leadership Opportunities During the Program

Rice Business is committed to producing graduates who have the skills companies most want. The most recent Bloomberg Recruiter’s Survey lists these skills as “most desired” in searching for MBA talent: strategic thinking, creative program solving, leadership and communication. Rice Business not only ranks above average among these “most desired” skills but we offer intentional and practical programming to help you gain these skills.

Action Learning Project

Full-time MBA students can choose an Action Learning Project (ALP) as an elective for academic credit. The ALP is a thirteen-week, team-based consultative project, where MBA student teams tackle a company’s tough challenges and critical needs to provide detailed and actionable recommendations.

Conferences and Case Competitions

Rice Business offers full-time MBA students ample opportunities — including summits, conferences and competitions — to network with industry and business leaders. Some of the best examples are:

Rice Business Board Fellows

The Rice Business Board Fellows is a year-long experiential learning program that matches talented, energetic and committed Rice MBA students as fellows on local nonprofit boards to serve as non-voting board members.

Leadership and Team Coaching

The leadership and team coaching program prepares students to be more proficient at an essential component of effective leadership—the ability to develop individuals and teams. The fundamental role of leadership is to get the best performance out of people. This requires a constant focus on individual and team development. In fact, organizations place a premium on leaders who are effective coaches. It is the one leadership attribute that is critical across all levels of leadership yet grows increasingly important as you rise through the ranks. 

Student Managed Funds

  • M.A. Wright Fund: Comprised of students selected through a rigorous application and interview process, the fund management course provides Rice MBA students with a hands-on opportunity to learn and apply effective stock analysis and investment management techniques on a live Rice endowment stock portfolio.
  • Rice Fixed Income Fund: In this course, a small group of top-performing MBA students experience the challenges and excitement of managing a real short-term Rice endowment bond portfolio and a simulated long-term portfolio.

Industry Treks

Full-time MBA students can experience a wide variety of industries in cities across the country through these treks. They are coordinated by Career Development Office staff and facilitated by alumni to help students explore what business areas or roles are available for internships and post-MBA job opportunities.

Our Industry Treks typically include the following:

  • Week on Wall Street (New York City)
  • Technology Trek (Austin, Seattle, Silicon Valley)
  • Energy Trek (Houston)
  • Health Care Trek (Houston)

Global Field Experience

The Global Field Experience is an adventurous, immersive learning requirement that will change your perception of the world and the way you do business in it. These opportunities allow you to take what you learn in the first year of the Rice Business MBA program and apply it to short-term projects for organizations and communities in diverse cultural settings. As ambassadors of Rice and leaders in the business world, you have the opportunity to develop new perspectives, learn how others view the world, practice critical and creative thinking, as well as analytical reasoning to solve real-world business problems. Rice Business is committed to building strong, experienced global partners and leaders through the Global Field Experience. Join us.