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Your choice of electives in the full-time program should complement your career objectives. After you have completed the core curriculum, customization of your degree is possible by choosing electives that establish depth in a particular area or demonstrate a well-rounded perspective of business principles that span several functions. Independent study is available as an elective, in which you work with a faculty supervisor on an approved project that's relevant to your career path.


The Rice MBA Program Immersion is a rigorous experience that takes place prior to the start of the school year. Immersion is intended to help students acclimate to the business school culture as well as the rapid pace of a top-tier graduate business school program. At the end of Immersion, students will be better prepared academically, professionally, administratively and culturally to reap the full benefits of the MBA experience. The majority of Immersion activities take place on campus.

During Immersion, students participate in many different courses, workshops, orientation sessions, networking opportunities, team building activities and social events. In addition, a variety of Rice MBA stakeholders (faculty, current students, alumni and staff) are engaged to provide students with the best foundation for beginning their MBA experience.

The Rice MBA Program Immersion is a mandatory activity for all incoming students. Students receive course credits which are part of the Rice MBA curriculum. Several required tasks need to be completed before Immersion begins. You may also access your OWL-Space account to check on any activities or communications regarding Immersion.

In addition to the academics and the team building activities, limited time is set aside during Immersion for all of the general on-boarding activities.

International Student Immersion

The Rice MBA Immersion for international students is a three-week event. The first week is dedicated to general on-boarding activities as well as several focused workshops and events specifically to help our Rice MBA international students ease into life in another culture and country. The following two weeks is the regular Rice MBA Immersion with the remaining members of the incoming class where you will begin your academic coursework with your new teams.

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