The fast-paced nature of high-tech industries requires an unparalleled leadership style, one that blends a breadth of technical expertise with a firm foundation in business principles. The coordinated graduate degree of a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Engineering provides graduates with the unique opportunity of leading technology firms through dynamic shifts of innovation.

Rice University's Brown School of Engineering collaborates with Texas Medical Center institutions and other Rice departments to enhance research opportunities in industries such as nanotechnology, information technology, and biotechnology. Please contact your department of interest for more information.

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Program Options

Admission Requirements

All applicants applying to the MBA/ME coordinated degree program must complete a separate application to the MBA program and the Engineering program of choice. Please reach out to representatives in each department for specific questions. All MBA admissions inquires can be directed to Kalyn Speck, Recruiting & Admissions Specialst.

Course Requirements

  • 69 hours of coursework, including 24 in an engineering discipline and 45 in business administration
  • All core requirements of the MBA program
  • All requirements of the specific engineering department (non-thesis degree options are available)
  • Summer internships are strongly recommended
  • Course schedules are planned in consultation with the MBA program and the specific engineering department
  • All requirements can be fulfilled in two years

Program Cost

The MBA/ME Program is billed at the MBA tuition and fees rate. Information on cost and funding resources may be found in the Full-Time MBA section of the site.


Rice ME: Agustina Fernandez-Moya
Rice MBA: Kalyn Speck