Rice Business Coordinated and Dual Degrees

For highly motivated students with specific career goals, Rice University offers two coordinated degree programs and one dual degree program. The coordinated degree, formerly called joint degree, pairs the Rice MBA with advanced degrees in  professional science or engineering from Rice. The dual degree pairs the Rice MBA with a medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine.

Rice MBA/PSM Program

The business school offers a three-year coordinated MBA/PSM degree option with the MBA and Professional Science Master's program at Rice's Wiess School of Natural Sciences, which offers M.S. degrees in Bioscience and Health Policy, Environmental Analysis and Decision Making, Nanoscale Physics, Subsurface Geoscience and Space Studies. You will complete courses in one of the three degrees along with management coursework for the MBA.

Rice MBA/ME Program 

The MBA/ME program offers an MBA from the business school and a Master of Engineering from Rice's George R. Brown School of Engineering. You will learn the skills necessary to lead technology firms through rapid change and development.


In collaboration with the Baylor College of Medicine, the business school offers the MD/MBA dual degree program for candidates seeking to integrate business knowledge with expertise in medical schools, physician groups, hospitals and managed care organizations.The U.S. healthcare industry faces many challenges such as sky-rocketing costs, increasing demand, inadequate access to healthcare, inefficiency, inconsistent quality of services, non-uniform processes and more. Increasingly complex changes in the healthcare and life sciences industries require physicians to take on leadership roles in nontraditional capacities. You could be a part of the solution.

The dual degree requirements are completed in five years.