Jones Partners Thought Leadership Series

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Thought Leadership Series
Jones Partners and Rice University's Baker Institute
Global Dependency on Energy
6:00 PM – Presentation (Shell Auditorium)
7:15 PM – Reception (Anderson Family Commons)
Jones Graduate School, McNair Hall, Rice University  

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Ali Moshiri
Chevron Africa and Latin America
Exploration and Production Company

Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ph.D.
James A. Baker III and Susan G. Baker Fellow in
 Energy and Resource Economics; Senior Director,
 Center for Energy Studies

About the Topic
Mr. Moshiri will discuss how, in today's oil and gas industry, the above ground challenges can be equally as complex as the technical. Increasingly, project success is determined by how issues like geopolitics, personnel, supply chain, and local content are managed. Dr. Medlock will discuss global energy use, and how politics, geography, economics and geology all converge to influence the energy industry. This includes discussing how trade flows and resource and infrastructure development opportunities are impacted by varying political and regulatory frameworks, which are critical to determining the global competitive landscape.

About Ali Moshiri
Ali Moshiri has been president of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Company, based in Houston, Texas, since 2008. Mr. Moshiri joined Chevron in 1978 as a reservoir engineer and later became a drilling engineer. In 1983, he became senior production engineer with supervisory responsibilities in the Gulf of Mexico. From 1983 to 1987, he served as supervisor of Reservoir and Facilities Engineering for Chevron Energy Technology Company in Houston with responsibilities supporting upstream activities. In 1987, Mr. Moshiri joined Chevron Overseas Petroleum in the United Kingdom as manager of Technical Applications for exploration and production activities in the North Sea.

Mr. Moshiri graduated from the University of Tulsa with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in petroleum engineering in 1978. He is a member of the Jones Graduate School Council of Overseers at Rice University; serves on the Advisory Board of Spindletop International Charities; serves on the boards of the Council of the Americas, the Institute of the Americas, the Trust for the Americas, the Organization of American States, the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Presidential Advisory Council on Economic Growth and Investment for Haiti and the Houston Zoo; is chairman of the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative; and was chairman of the Venezuelan Association of Hydrocarbons from 2005 to 2006. He is married to Maria Luisa (Misi) Breisacher-Moshiri.

About Kenneth Medlock
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ph.D., is the James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics at the Rice University’s Baker Institute and the senior director of the Center for Energy Studies, as well as an adjunct professor and lecturer in the Department of Economics at Rice University. He is a principal in the development of the Rice World Natural Gas Trade Model, aimed at assessing the future of international natural gas trade. He has published numerous scholarly articles in his primary areas of interest: natural gas markets, energy commodity price relationships, gasoline markets, transportation, national oil company behavior, economic development and energy demand, and energy use and the environment. He also teaches courses in energy economics and supervises Ph.D. students in the energy economics field.

Medlock is currently the vice president for conferences for the United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE), and previously served as vice president for academic affairs. In 2001, he won (joint with Ron Soligo) the International Association for Energy Economics Award for Best Paper of the Year in the Energy Journal. In 2011, he was given the USAEE’s Senior Fellow Award. He is also an active member of the American Economic Association and the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and is an academic member of the National Petroleum Council (NPC). Medlock has served as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission in their respective energy modeling efforts. He was the lead modeler of the Modeling Subgroup of the 2003 NPC study of long-term natural gas markets in North America, and was a contributing author to the recent NPC study “North American Resource Development.”

Medlock received his Ph.D. in economics from Rice in 2000, and held the MD Anderson Fellowship at the Baker Institute from 2000 to 2001.

About The Jones Partners
The Jones Partners is a committed group of business professionals working to open doors and increase collaboration between the Jones School and the Houston business community.

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