Timothy Chang

MAcc Class of 2017

Seattle native Timothy Chang came to Rice knowing he wanted to be a business minor. “The course I was dreading the most was the introduction to accounting.” Mostly because his impression of the subject matter was dry and rote. But after taking Professor Chasteen’s class, he found an unexpected vibrancy. “Accounting is present in everything we do,” Chang said.

In his introductory class they looked at Walmart’s balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flow, and then used them to illustrate how they were relevant to decision making. “It was fascinating.”

The expressive senior is a sociology major, director of the Student Admission Council and president of an all-male acapella group, The Apollos. He is also enthusiastic about the future: graduation, a summer internship back in Seattle, and returning to Rice in the fall to matriculate with the first class of Master of Accounting students since 1996.

During his sophomore year, it was announced that the business school was bringing back the Master of Accounting program. “My cousin is an accountant in Houston. She is constantly learning and thinking critically on the job. She loves who she works with and what she does every day. I was interning at Edelman at the time. Public relations drives home this idea of trust. Without it, organizations collapse. That was how I understood accounting too. That makes the profession of accounting so important.”

At the end of last year, Timothy sent out feelers to the Big Four about an internship. An interview in the Houston office of PwC landed him a summer internship in assurance with the firm’s audit practice in Seattle. “I loved the culture they were cultivating. With everyone I talked to I got a sense that they loved what they were doing. They were engaged in work that made them think and grow.”