Megan Palmer

MAcc Class of 2017

Megan Palmer knew since the fourth grade that she wanted to play college basketball. The 6’1” forward on the Rice University women’s basketball team moved around a lot growing up — Mexico, Ohio, Houston, Holland. “My dad works for Shell. Moving taught me so much about making friends and keeping friends from a distance. Plus we played away games in Paris and Cairo. Best experiences of my life.”

But the accounting came as a surprise. “I took my first accounting class and really liked it. I’d always heard it was really hard, but it came naturally to me. I thought, maybe I should explore this path. My professor, Mac Gaulin, his passion rubbed off on the students.”

As a sports management major and business minor, Megan is a senior leader on the basketball team and put together a Houston food bank visit with the women’s volleyball team to pack over a thousand Backpack Buddies. She knew she liked helping people, but she hadn’t figured out what she was going to do with her career.

“I love all my classes at Rice. After Professor Lansford came to talk to our class, I thought, this MAcc program is something I should definitely look into. I went to talk to him. He encouraged me to take the next accounting class, and it was harder, but I still really liked it. Then he suggested I interview with the Big Four accounting firms and, once I did that, I was hooked into the whole auditing accounting thing.”

Megan interviewed with KPMG, Deloitte and PwC. “I learned a lot about the industry and what auditors actually do. I got to know the cultures of the firms and chose the one where I thought I’d fit best.” She starts an internship with PwC this summer working with large private client services, “helping small firms grow to become bigger firms. I’m all about that. I love helping people.” She says it’s the “greatest start that I could have. I want to gain the knowledge to better my career. I really want to do big things.”

In the meantime, PwC has a basketball league. And she’ll be able to play tournaments overseas again.