Jessica Sanford

Professionals - Evening

Professionals - Evening
Current Industry/Job: Utilities / Operations Business Analyst
From: The Woodlands, Texas

Favorite quote and why:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill 

I like the quote because it is a reminder that nothing is final and to keep up with the hard work.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?

If I could choose anyone as a mentor I'd probably pick Sheryl Sandberg. She has encouraged a lot of quality dialogue about female leaders in business.

Best memory from your first year in the MBA program:

I really enjoyed the Holiday Party and Gala. It was great hanging out with classmates away from school. There will be amazing people in your class, really get to know them!

What story does your family always tell about you?

My family only likes to tell embarrassing stories... So I'm going to pass on this one!

What advice would you like to provide incoming students?

Be engaged at the Jones School. Your life will be hectic, but you only have two years for this experience, so make the most out of it. Go to PCF, Partios, join clubs.

Also find your balance. It is easy to get overwhelmed with work, school and family obligations, make sure to carve time out for yourself. 

Any additional unique facts you would like to share:

I LOVE to travel! So far I've been to 16 countries and five continents. I can't wait for Jones EdGE China!