Rice Business Master of Accounting (MAcc)



Much more than just adding up and reporting numbers, today’s accountants spend most of their time collaborating with peers and clients, employing critical reasoning to solve challenging problems. 

In most careers, the higher you climb, the more specialized and pigeonholed you become. In accounting, the more experience you have, the greater your reach. Wherever your passion lies, you can mix it with accounting. In fact, founders and CEOs of many well-known companies are CPAs. This is not surprising, given that CPAs understand the financial workings of their companies to a degree that people from other career paths can’t. 

Rice’s Jones Graduate School of Business will re-launching our one-year Master of Accounting (“MAcc”) Program in the Fall of 2016. Our program is tailored so that non-accounting undergraduate majors can complete their accounting graduate degree in just one year. 

Mid-1970s to Mid-1990s: The Rice MAcc

Rice offered a small but highly successful MAcc program from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. Though it was a niche program, the original MAcc program produced some extremely accomplished graduates, including the recently-retired CEO of Ernst & Young, one of the four largest global professional services firms. 

Titles of Rice MAcc alumni:

  • Audit Partner
  • Managing Partner
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chairman and CEO
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Corporate Controller
  • Treasurer
  • Managing Director
  • Executive Vice President
  • Head of Strategy and Planning, Investment Banker
  • Principal
  • Head of Financial Institutions Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Professor

2016: The MAcc is Back

Our MAcc alumni strongly encouraged the Jones School to re-launch the MAcc program. The alumni are now actively supporting our re-launch. The global professional services and accounting firms have expressed a strong interest in recruiting Rice’s new MAcc students. Career opportunities and progression for the Master of Accounting degree are excellent and extensive. 

Following the model for the original MAcc program, our new MAcc program will leverage the strong humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences foundations of Rice students. 

Rice’s re-launched MAcc will be a key component of the Jones’ Graduate School of Business program offerings. The Rice MAcc MAcc will embrace the modern business world, educating its students in:

  • the globalization of capital markets
  • the movement toward unified worldwide accounting standards
  • data analytics and the mining of “big data”
  • technology-driven corporate disclosure and communication strategies
  • non-financial disclosures and environmental stewardship reporting
  • MAcc graduates will emerge prepared to earn their CPA license and segue into a global professional services firm. 

Interested in learning more? Continue on to our MAcc website.... business.rice.edu/macc