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The Jones School Office of Admissions is actively seeking alumni who are willing to serve as ambassadors for the school. Please note that because of the diversity of our applicant pool, we are inviting alumni from all over the world to be JAVA ambassadors. There are various capacities in which volunteers are needed:


  1. Representing the JGSB at recruiting events/fairs
  2. Talking to or counseling students post-admission during their decision-making phase (i.e. selling the school!)
  3. Generally promoting the program within the community and among prospective MBA candidates


How do I become a JAVA ambassador?
We are seeking volunteers on an ongoing basis. Active presence of Jones School representatives in all geographical areas is critical. If you are interested in being a JAVA Ambassador, please submit the form below:

Become a JAVA Ambassador  

Training for JAVA Ambassadors is available on the java website:

Sign up for Admission Events here.

We do hope you will consider being a part of this initiative - it is a great way to stay connected to the School and to help us move up the ranks.