Course Requirements

Students will take a total of 12 health care credits to fulfill the concentration/track requirements.


  MGMT 633   Life Science Entrepreneurship3
(Spring Term 4, TTH 4-6:00 pm 1.5 credits, Instructors- Ulrich, Robert & Gill, Jack)
The course centers on the roles of physicians, scientists, engineers and MBAs in biotech, medical device, and other life science companies will be described and characterized. This pragmatic, experienced-based course describes the venture capital process, the formation and capitalization of high-tech companies, sources of technologies, role of tech transfer at universities and medical schools, startup operational issues, role of VCs and board members, execution time frames, the liquidity process, IPOs and mergers, and payout prospects for founders and investors.
  MGMT 678   U.S. Health Care Management2
(Fall Term 1, Dates: 8/26- 10/7, CRN 18984, MW 4-5:30 pm, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Whitney, Stephen)
(Fall Term 1 & 2, Dates: 8/26- 12/9, CRN 18983, MW 4-5:30 pm, 3 credits, Instructor- Whitney, Stephen)

This course is designed to provide an overview of the forces, which are influencing the shape and evolution of the health services system. The course will identify the managerial challenges these forces
  MGMT 679   Cost and Quality in Health Care3
(Spring Term 3, MW 4-5:30 pm, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Whitney, Stephen)
(Spring Term 3 & 4, MW 4-5:30 pm, 3 credits, Instructor- Whitney, Stephen)

This course focuses on the significant challenges the health care system faces in improving quality and patient safety while trying to contain the explosive growth of health care system expenditures. Term III examines how health care quality is measured, where it stand today, and the business case for improving safety and quality. Term IV builds on that foundation in looking to the rest of the world for how they run their health care systems, how the US compares, and how the recent health care reform law might change the US system for better or worse. It will also discuss current innovative approaches to reforming the current health care system and policies.
  MGMT 680   Customer Analytics for Satisfaction and Loyalty3
(Spring Term 3 & 4, TTH 10:15-11:45 am, 3 credits, Instructor- Westbrook, Robert)

This course will provide an understanding of the use of customer analytics in driving business strategy. The goal of this course is to develop skills in presenting analytics effectively to management audiences and to leave students with an appreciation of the roles of customer definition, experience, satisfaction and loyalty as the ultimate drivers of business growth and survival. By the end of the course, students should be proficient in analyzing customer information datasets using SPSS, extracting key insights from data to guide management decision making, and presenting analytics effectively to management audiences.
  MGMT 686   Marketing Research3
(Spring Term 3, TTH 10:15-11:45 am, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Mittal, Vikas)

Students will be exposed to implementing a research study, analysis and many more analytical techniques to give them the ability to critically evaluate and present the results of a research study. Students will generate strategic insights from basic marketing research and become familiar with marketing research terminology commonly used by research consultants.
  MGMT 690   Health Care Strategy3
(Spring ILE, 1 credit, Instructor- Kale, Prashant)

This course is an opportunity for students to study and review some of the core strategy concepts, analytical techniques, and frameworks that are relevant to developing, evaluating, and implementing value-creating strategies for organizations that operate in various sectors of the health care space. Some of the issues to be covered include: examining the role of innovation in the context of strategy in health care, what strategies health care firms can adopt to expand successfully in the international market, and how the external environment impacts an organization’s performance.
  MGMT 691   Negotiation for Health Care3
(Spring ILE, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Masters, Marick)

In health care, a premium exists on negotiating relationships, managing emotions, holding the line on pricing and dealing with conflict. This course will talk about how the characteristics of the health care industry impact negotiations. Role-plays are based in a health care context.
  MGMT 694   Interpersonal Communication in Health Care3
(Spring Term 4, W 6:15-9:30 pm, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Tobin, David)

The goal of this course is to understand why good personal communication skills are essential in all workplaces and especially in health care settings. The course will aim to improve interpersonal communication skills, focus on how to be an effective listener, study and practice body language and cross cultural communication. Students will gain new and helpful perspectives from a variety of health care professionals.
  MGMT 697   Strategic Process Management in Health Care2 & 3
(Summer, Dates: 7/11-7/12, 8:00 am-6:00 pm, 2 credits, Instructor- Pazgal, Amit)
This course will expand on the issues of process analysis, quality management and their impact on customer satisfaction. It will specifically cover strategies for process analysis, design, and improvement for health care, the impact of process improvement on customers, and continuous quality improvement including the Six Sigma Paradigm.
  MGMT 699   Strategic Capital Investment in Today’s Healthcare Sector
(Summer, Dates: 7/25-7/26, CRN 30211, 9:00am-4:00pm 1 credit, Instructor- Laraway, Dennis)

This course deals with the strategic capital management concepts used to evaluate capital deployment decisions in the health care sector. Primarily focused on the financing principles used between health care operations and capital investment decisions, this course will incorporate applied analysis on how to evaluate strategic investments and methods used to finance various capital initiatives. Conclusions will be drawn on implications to strategic positioning, financial operations, and credit worthiness of the enterprise.
  MGMT 750   Health Care Informatics Systems and Management3
(Spring, T 6:15-9:30pm, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Lyons, Don)
In this course, students will learn the key concepts in health care information technology and management. It will emphasize the skills, tools and traits required to successfully step into, or continue success in a technology and information management role in any health care organization and associated industry vertical. The course will also cover an overview for the preparation of the CPHIMS certification (Certified Professional in Health Care Information and Management Systems.)
  MGMT 751   Health Care Finance3
(Spring, TH 6:15-9:30 pm, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Hury, James)

The course is designed to impart a working knowledge of introductory accounting and financial management concepts, techniques, and vocabulary as they apply to health care organizations including physician practices, academic medical hospitals, medical device and therapeutics suppliers, and insurance companies. It will begin by focusing on principles and practices of financial accounting in the context of the health care industry. This course will explore physician practice management principles, operational strategies, capital budgeting, and ways that health care organizations use financial markets to raise funds and invest in projects.
  MGMT 755   Health Care Operations Management
(Fall Term 1, Dates 8/28- 10/2, CRN 19066, W 6:15-9:30 pm, 1.5 credits, Instructor- Lyons, Don)
This course will serve as the standard overview of key concepts in health care operations management. The four key pillars of operations management: people, process, technology, and finance are characterized as the class moves through its discussions. The course will encompass and review a broad portfolio of tools and techniques in a variety of settings essential to moving an organization towards transformation.

1This is a required course.
2Student is required to take either MGMT 678 or MGMT 697

3Schedule is subject to change

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