Term and current scholarship support for the full-time MBA program provides annual funding to empower the Jones Graduate School of Business to recruit graduate students and ensures that the school continues to grow in reputation and national rankings. In short, the formula is a simple one: as dollars dedicated to financial aid increase, so does the quality of the student body.

Both endowed and current scholarships may be named in honor of an esteemed colleague, one's family or a business/organization.

Endowed Opportunities

MBA Scholar |  $3,000,000

Funds support a student's full tuition and fees as well as a stipend covering books and living expenses. There is a competitive and publically spotlighted application and interview process facilitated by the Admissions Office within the Jones Graduate School. Recipients are expected to utilize their leadership skills during their time at the school and amongst their community.

Full Named Dean’s Endowed Scholarship | $2,000,000

Funds support a student's full tuition and fees.

Named Scholarship | $100,000

Funds support offsetting student tuition. A new student is selected on an annual basis.

Current Use Funds

Named Scholarships | $10,000+

Funds are fully distributed over an agreed time period and may cover the full cost of tuition and fees. Current use scholarships at the Jones School support a student(s) until the funds are exhausted.


Current and endowed scholarship donors are recognized in the Jones School Annual Report published every fall. They are invited to attend, along with their recipient(s), the school's annual scholarship dinner each spring. In addition, the support is showcased on the school's website.