Rice Education in Management for Physician Trainees (REMP)

Health care, the largest industry in the U.S., faces many challenges such as sky-rocketing costs, increasing demand, inadequate access to care, inefficiency, inconsistent quality of services, and non-uniform processes. With growing recognition that many of these challenges are truly business problems, the industry is slowly realizing the need to change the way physicians get trained, which has not changed substantially since 1910, and subsequently also how they work:

  1. Faculty at several medical schools/residency programs, and the Association of American Medical Colleges, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education have recommended that apart from clinical training, physicians need to learn interpersonal and communication skills, effective teamwork, professionalism and systems-based management practice so that they are better prepared to face and address the daunting challenges.    
  2. The Affordable Care Act is also inducing the need for coordination of care amongst multiple health care institutions by linking payment to value for the patient and creating Accountable Care Organizations.

The Health Care Initiative at the business school aims to provide relevant business education to young physicians who can jump start their careers with skill sets that will not only set them apart but also respond to the critical need for ‘bending the cost curve’ while improving health care outcomes.

REMP is a one month rigorous certificate program on management essentials designed for physician trainees. The program aims to address the need for management education through short term education and allows the business school to serve as a lifelong resource for the advancement of business and management skills among physicians.

Who Should Attend:

Physician Trainees – Fellows and Residents (ideally in advanced years of training)

Program Date:

April 2017


To register for the program, please reach out to the appropriate point of contact at your institutions listed below. If your institution is not listed below, please contact Diane Nguyen

Taking registrations until December 15, 2016

Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Linda Andrews
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Diane Bodurka
Vice President for Clinical Education/Professor Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine

Methodist Hospital 
Dr. Sherilyn Gordon Burroughs
Designated Institutional Official for Graduate Medical Education

University of Texas Medical School at Houston 
Dr. Michael Bungo 
Program Director, MD-MBA Dual Degree Program 

Program Curriculum will include, but is not limited to:

April 2017

Strategy Formulation and Execution in Organizations
April 3-4
Prashant Kale

21st-Century Perspectives on Health Care
April 6-7
Binata Mukherjee

Working in Teams: Leading and Collaborating While Delivering Care 
April 10-12
Brent Smith

The Language of Accounting
April 14
Brian Rountree

Financial-Decision Making
April 17
James Weston

Negotiation and Influence Strategies
April 19
Jing Zhou

Process Improvement and Quality Management in Health Care
April 21
Amit Pazgal

Management and Delivery of Patient-Focused Care
April 24
Vikas Mittal

Analyzing Cost in Hospitals
April 26
Shiva Sivaramakrishan

Communicating with Impact
David Tobin & Beth O’Sullivan 

  • Communication will be integrated throughout the entire program. Students will have an opportunity to work on actual problems and propose implementable solutions.

Graduation Reception

* dates/faculty subject to change

Binata Mukherjee

Director of Health Care Initiative, Health Care

Prashant Kale

Associate Professor of Strategic Management & Head of Health Care Industry Initiatives

Brent Smith

Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education, Associate Professor of Management and Psychology (Organizational Behavior)

Brian Rountree

Associate Professor of Accounting

James P. Weston

Harmon Whittington Professor of Finance

Jing Zhou

Houston Endowment Professor of Management and Psychology (Organizational Behavior)

Amit Pazgal Ph.D.

Friedkin Chair in Management and Professor of Marketing and Operations Management

Vikas Mittal

J. Hugh Liedtke Professor of Management (Marketing)

Konduru Sivaramakrishnan

Henry Gardiner Symonds Professor of Accounting

David Tobin

Senior Lecturer in Communications

Elizabeth O'Sullivan

Senior Lecturer in Management - Communications