5th Annual Energy Industry Directors Conference

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Join Rice University, Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. and Ernst & Young LLP for the 5th Energy Industry Directors Conference, a director education program designed for board members of energy companies. The conference will feature industry leaders addressing the key energy industry issues facing board members.   Directors attending this limited admission event will participate in an intimate and candid hands-on program in an open forum to address how directors optimize their individual performance, the board’s performance and the success of the company. The primary theme is that boards must give priority to the “what” and the “who” issues; namely what is the strategic direction of the company and who are the executive leaders. The speakers will address how directors establish priorities for the board and how they ensure an effective board, including an examination of so called “best practices.” The speakers will also address how the board can ensure successful performance from the “C Suite,” as well as compensation philosophies and practices with an analysis of incentive alignment and board monitoring. There will be discussions on the challenges of addressing governance expectations of investors and the legal and practical interactions within an ethical culture, including insights from the Chairman of the PCAOB.
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5th Annual Energy Industry Directors Conference & Director to Director Exchange
March 26-27, 2013

McNair Hall, Rice University
Houston, Texas

$1,250 for March 26
$1,250 for March 27
$2,000 for both days
(Day 1)

(Day 2)
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